Managing multiple WordPress Sites

So do you need to update more than one WordPress Site? If this is the case you might look around for managing multiple Sites over a singe interface. A few weeks ago I did have a look into that topic due to the fact that I didn’t want to spend an hour every month logging into various sites I keep an eye on, simply to click and update everything. So I had a look over the horizon of these programs.

I found a few but most f them were managed somehow by companies where you needed to somehow provide them your log in’s, which seems logical if you want them to update your sites. But as I am a somebody suspicious, I wanted to stay the boss of my data and so I decided myself for a tool called “MainWP”. So if you should ever consider getting something similar, you might have a look at the program.

You simply have to install the plugin on your main Site, and install on the sites you want to manage a child plugin. That’s it! No fancy registration etc. Very easy! And you stay Master of your passwords and log in’s!

The tool itself comes as a simple plugin for WordPress. They recommend setting up an own WordPress Site for the tool, which I definitely can confirm! It simplifies things and keeps it more clear and clean. Another thing I recommend is enabling the unique security ID on the “child” sites, those are the sites you want to manage over your central site. This gives your managed sites more security. I am not sure that without enabling this feature, it would not be possible for anybody to modify your site. But anyway… Enabling security features isn’t a mistake! Never!

For the rest you should simply try it out yourself. It’s worth a try! Yes there are other sites with more features and you might need to put up an own cron-job, but you stay your very own Key-Master.

P.S. Sites / URL’s have been blanked out!

Virtual Server made easy

I was shown by a colleague of mine a nice tool I wanted to share. Ever wanted to have your own cheap Linux server on the net? So did I and the prices were not so, let’s simply say, attractive! Either you get a real Virtual Server and these come starting for at least 10€ / month, but you can find prices for about 5€ / month where you get a scalable server.

The service I tried out is called DigitalOcean and it appears to be one of the most simple services in this sector. You can, in less than a Minute, create a new server, scale them up and much much more. And the best of it, you pay as you use it. Not using any space or CPU etc, means you’re not paying anything.

It’s easier than running your own Raspberry at home and not having a fix IP etc. For the fix IP you’re already paying much more, and many tools need an own IP so if you’re interested in this, you might have a look at it.

That’s the way the cookie crumbles…

Time-Lapse Project – Part 1 – The Parts

So i had the idea to create a timelapse movie and had been looking for some time to get a “Very long term” timelapse device. You can find quiet a few cameras on the market which do give you the possibility to create such series of pictures, but they all come down to the same issue: the problem of power! Most of these devices have internal batteries which need to be charged over (Micro) USB cables which in outdoor situations becomes difficult to keep it dry. Special casings might help but it always becomes a risk factor, because those devices are not ment to function like that.

The only option i found were cameras from a brand called Brinno. I had seen one before at a friend´s but what irritated me most was the fact, that these devices could not do Full HD. Their maximum Resolution was 1280×720, which is nice but the cheaper ones even only do 720p. And honestly they do not come in cheap… But i have to say, they are solid, the picture quality is okay and they do run over weeks and even month without changing batteries. So for a project without energy they are in my eyes definitely the best option!

And so i ended up in a plan constructing a Raspi-Camera with an Outdoor Water Proof Case. Finding such a thing is almost impossible! You could take an old CCTV Outdoor Case, but honestly they are simply huge! Something small and discrete looks different… So i ended up with a Kickstarter Project called PiCE which was realized in 2013. Luckily i was able to buy a “used” case on ebay. But i have to admit that i had the chance to get a case which was never really used. Only a few scratches but that´s it, it had never even been assembled.

So after having my case, i had to start planning the rest. An old Raspi B was luckily on hand, because that was the device at that time the case was designed for. I bought a new Camera and started my assembly. For the software part i chose motionEye OS, which is a nice environment if it works, easy to use with a very user friendly interface. It can even stitch your time-lapse video together! So maybe no need for post production.

That´s the plan, follow up will come next month with some problems i ran into and where i am seeking for solutions =) But that´s how it is with the Pi. It´s always work in progress.

QI charger from the furniture shop

So I had been looking for a new QI charger for my Samsung phone and guess what!? I did not buy my new device at any IT or Phone shop but i bought it at a furniture shop! But why that?

When i had a look at various models on the standard online shop’s, I realised that most of these chargers were very small, as small that even the phone often had more than double of it’s size. So putting the phone onto one of these chargers always is tricky to find the right place.

And then i found out that IKEA has a few new devices which do give the possibility to charge via QI. So why don’t you take a look at them. They are not to cheap but i think they do look better than most other devices and you might even integrate it into existing furniture. Nice ideas! I like it and the devices works as it should! I even got a second USB port.

Ech wor op der Sich no engem neien QI Chargeur fir mäin Samsung Telefon an ech hunn dat Gerät net an iergend engem Spezialiséierten Geschäft kaaft, mä am Miwwelbuttek!

Wei ech mech ëmgekuckt hunn an deenen üblechen Online Geschäfter hunn ech festgestallt dass déi meeschten Chargeuren immens kleng sinn an dacks den Handy méi ewéi duebel esou grouss ass, esou dass et net ëmmer einfach ass fir déi richteg Positioun ze fannen dass en direkt luet.

An dunn hunn ech eraus fonnt, dass IKEA puer nei Geräter am Sortiment huet, déi eben d’Méiglechkeet ginn iwwert QI ze lueden. Se sinn zwar net ëmmer ganz bëlleg, mä ech fannen se gesinn gutt aus an et kann een se souguer an Miwwelen integréieren. Mir gefalen hier Saachen an d’Gerät funktionéiert wei et soll, souguer mat engem extra USB Port.